Friday, May 28, 2010

26 weeks

Holy Moly! I'm so close to being in the third trimester I can taste it!

I'm 26 weeks today & I feel bigger & more uncomfortable than ever. I know what you're thinking- "just waitttttt until you're 36 weeks!!" But for real, I really started to get uncomfortable this week. I feel like I'm growing at a rapid pace & my skin feels like it's going to break from stretching!! Oy.

Miss Claire is doing just fine in the womb. She weighs about 2lbs & she has found my bladder. She either lays on it or kicks it all. day. long. Silly girl.

Some milestones this week: I officially waddle. Especially later in the day when I'm exhausted. It's reallllly attractive. Also, sleep is becoming quite a task. I fall asleep for a couple of hours & wake up to my hips THROBBING. Oh my gosh. It is so painful. Even with my Snoogle. Poor me.

Anyway, hubby & I are packing up our bathing suits & puppy & heading down to St. George tonight to spend the weekend in the yummy sunshine by the pool & yes, I will be wearing a bikini (and 100 spf). Judge if you may, but I will be a heck of a lot comfier with my bump hanging out rather than shoving it into a one piece. ACK! Hubby's little sister lives down there & we'll just be staying with her. I'm excited! But wish me luck on the 4 hour car ride as it will most likely turn into a 6 hour car ride with all the tinkle stops we'll have to make for me.

I didn't feel like doing the survey this week, so I'll just leave it there.

I hope you all have a wonderful 3 day weekend!!

Oh yes, I'm growing. If only my hair would grow too.


  1. You look adorable!!

    One thing that helped me with the throbbing hips, was sleeping on the sofa. For some reason, being at that angle made sleeping possible again. I spent the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy on the sofa!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I think pregnant ladies in 2 pieces are super cute. I can't imagine how uncomfortable that material would be on a growing belly. Rock the 2 piece with pride!

  3. You look fantastic as always, love the super cute shirt, and I can def. tell you are getting bigger! Rock that bikini girl! And have fun on your trip, sounds like fun to me!

  4. Have a great vacation! you look adorable!

  5. Its very exciting to finally hit the third trimester, and your 100% right, its sooo uncomfortable already, but once you hit 30 weeks your going to be saying, "Are we there yet?" Lol. But it is definitely worth it. Best feeling in the world to know that you took care of your little girl to prepare her for a healthy arrival in your and your husbands arms. No one can truely describe how wonderful it feels to be a mommy. Keep on truckin' love! *wink* Your doing great!

  6. You look so beautiful!!!! And I so remember waking up to throbbing hips multiple times per night. That's not something I miss, but thankfully it's only temporary for something amazing in the end :)

  7. haha, this was about the time when i seriously felt like my body was falling apart. 25 weeks? felt just dandy- but the minute 26 rolled around? it was like getting hit with a mac truck- and just when you don't think it could get worse? here comes 30 weeks.. i cant lie, i hope baby boy makes his appearance somewhere between weeks 35 and 36. we just spent our weekend at the beach, too and i rocked the bikini (SO COMFY!) and despite some awkward stares from small children (to whom i REALLY wanted to say, "DIDNT YOUR MOM TEACH YOU NOT TO STARE? ITS NOT NICE!") it was fabulous. hope you had a great weekend!

  8. Wow, 26 weeks! It seems to go by so much faster when it's not my own pregnancy, haha! Have a great trip!

  9. Looking precious of course!
    I hope you guys have a great trip.

    Also you might try a c shaped pregnancy pillow if you haven't already. I used one of those and a body pillow on the other side to wedge me on my side and take some of the pressure off of my ribs. It was a huge help.