Tuesday, May 11, 2010

" You ARE a mother...

I'll beat up anyone who says you're not!"
That's what my sweet husband said to me while we were laying in bed on Sunday morning. I believe I said something like "I'm not a mom YET. And I don't think anyone else thinks I am either." And then he said that to me. Sweet, right? He made the point of saying that I am growing a human in me. I am caring for this baby & taking care of myself so that baby is taken care of. I agree. If you are pregnant, you are a mother. Even though the baby is not an outside baby yet, I am still nurturing & taking care of her. Therefore, I am a mother.

I hope all of you had a fantastic day celebrating your momma's & yourselves! We did! We went to brunch with my family & my mom & dad gave me a card & a gift certificate for a pre-natal massage! I am so excited to book it. I think I'll wait until my third trimester when I'm really hating life. HA! After brunch, we went & saw the movie Babies. Cutest movie ever. There was no talking, but it was so interesting to see how babies are raised in other countries. I loved it.

Later that evening, we went over to my in-laws & had a bbq. They also gave me a card, which I thought was so sweet that they thought of me!
I gave both of the Momma's Grandma (his mom) & Nana (my mom) picture frames with Claire's ultra-sound picture in it & a book called "How to be a Perfect Grandma". They loved it!

I'm so mad that I didn't get any pictures of me & my mom. But I did get some of my sisters-in-law & momma-in-law.

Oh & did I mention that hubby got me a Willow Tree angel? I LOVE Willow Tree figurines. He also got me a card from him, Claire & our puppy. My heart melted.
I absolutely cannot wait until next Mother's Day when I have my baby girl in my arms.

Me & Hubby's Momma

Me & my gorgeous sisters-in-law!


  1. You ARE a mother. :) And I absolutely love Willow Tree. They're precious.

  2. I love Willow Tree figurines as well. Which one did he get you? I received the pregnant one when, well, I was pregnant! And DH and I got the Mommy & Daddy ones at our shower :)

  3. You are a mom. You are caring for that baby like you would when she's born. I hope you had a wonderful Mothers day. Next year will be so much more fun.

  4. Even expecting mothers are mothers. I just had my daughter the day before Mothers Day, but even if I hadnt, I would still expect to be considered a mother on Mother's Day. Happy (be-lated) Mother's Day to you

  5. I agree, you're totally a mom! It looks like you had a good Mother's Day.

  6. You look wonderful & don't be silly of course you are a momma!!

  7. You absolutely ARE a mother! I love you & you look gorgeous in that blue dress!!

  8. Heck yes you are a mom!!! The best kind too :)

  9. Yup, you are definitely a mom! Happy belated mothers day!

  10. That is so sweet that DH said that to you! I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that my MIL didn't say anything about this being my "first" Mother's Day :( But then again, that's just pregnant hormones.