Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Updates

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend & that it was just as gorgeous weather where you are as it was here! OMG. I broke out my sundresses- FINALLY! I only have about 47 of them that up until Saturday, I had not been about to wear. And today it's 82 degrees here! That makes me happy :)

We spent the weekend at the annual Festival of Roses that the church puts on. It was pretty lame for me this year because all we do at the festival is sit in the bar & drink. Well, hubby enjoyed about 589034804 beers while I sipped on my yummy water & non-alcoholic beer (which was pretty dang good, considering).

They have a silent auction every year & this year, you'd better believe that the Grandmas bid on all things baby. My momma didn't win anything ::tear:: but my mother-in-law won a basket full of baby toys & this gorgeous hand painted toy chest for Claire's nursery:

Cute, huh?! The chest goes absolutely perfect in her room, right under the window. I love it!!

Also, I had a doctor appointment this morning. After waiting 2 hours, I finally saw the doctor for about 15 minutes. I told him about my continuous Braxton Hicks that I had all weekend. He told me as long as they're not less than 5 minutes apart & I don't get more than 6 an hour, then it's not cause for concern. He checked my cervix just to be safe and all was good! Phew!

And here's the kicker... I am measuring 24 1/2 weeks. Like you all have told me & I have read that it's normal for baby to be measuring ahead, but I finally just asked him when my actual due date is. Like, the date he has on my chart. Because I was so confused as to when my due date is. He told me it has always been September 3rd (which happens to be the exact day my sister has to go back to college. Awesome. I'm hoping Claire will magically come a few days before then- I know, wishful thinking). Well, that's news to me! I was never informed of an actual date.

So, criticize all you want, but I'm going off that due date from now on, which puts me at 24w3d & I will most definitely be changing my little ticker at the top. Oh yeah!! I feel dumb that I had been going all along not knowing when my damn due date really is! oh well!

Sorry to bore you with all these random facts. Hope you're having a happy Monday, or what's left of it :)


  1. That chest is so pretty. How fun that she won all of that. I'm glad you had a good weekend and that everything went well at the doc.

  2. That chest is gorgeous! :) How awesome.

  3. Beautiful toy chest! Glad all was well at the docs. And YAY for sooner due date!

  4. AWESOME! Great news on the due date!!

  5. The chest is so pretty & how sweet it will be with all her little toys in it!!

  6. That toy chest is beautiful! They never told you when your due date was?? My daughter was born 9/3/09 (one day before my due date) she came right befor LABOR day weekend ;)

  7. I want that chest!!! It is so adorable. Good job, Grandma.