Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh sh!t, there's a crib in my house.

First things first, ::points to new header:: you like? I got all "techy" on Friday night & designed my very first header. It's not professional, obvi; but I was pretty proud of myself.

Ok, onto more important things, like THE FACT THAT THERE'S A CRIB IN MY HOUSE. ASSEMBLED. READY FOR A BABY. That to me, is so surreal.

Hubby & I got so much done this weekend on the nursery front. We painted & set up the crib. It looks awesome, in my opinion. The green walls accented with the espresso crib just looks so good. We're going to hang the curtains tonight & then I think we'll be done for a little bit. I mean, we do still have about 4 months til baby even gets here.

But holy cow, painting is HARD. It takes everything out of you. I'm so glad we painted when we did. If I had been much bigger, I would have probably died. My back & arms are still killing me from all the manual labor. (Can you tell I'm a bit out of shape??)

Well, that's all I've got for now. I'll leave you with some pictures of the progress of the nursery thus far! The pictures don't really do the walls justice, but you get the idea.

Oh & did I mention my husband made me wear a mask? He claims it was to keep me from inhaling fumes. Psshh, I know it was because he wanted to make me look like a freak- well, it worked.

America's Next Top Model, here I COME!
I should probably get my roots touched up first though.

Puppy helping dad prep.

Dayumm... by the way, I look like I'm about 35 wks pregnant.

It was the angle. I swear.

Takin off the blinds. Ooohh exciting
Ta da!!
I'm in love.

Puppy watching dad set up the crib.

View from the door.


  1. The room and crib looks great!! I think your mask was a great touch!!!

  2. I have the same crib! Those walls look great : )

  3. LOVE the color, we are going with green too! The crib is so pretty, good choice!

  4. I love it, I love it! The room & the header :) And you think it was hard at 21 weeks... try getting on your hands & knees using a small brush to get along the moldings, etc at 29 weeks pregnant! That killed my back for at least a few days haha.

    I just received 1 of your shower presents, BTW, and I'm so excited to give it to you. I hope you love it as much as I do!!! And beg all you want, but I'm not telling you what it is ;)

  5. The room looks awesome so far! I love the contrast between the paint color and the espresso. And your new header is fab :)

  6. The room looks FABULOUS!!

  7. love it! i have that same crib!

  8. I love the color!!! Maybe because it's very similar to my little girls color in her room!! And how hilarious that he made you wear a mask!

  9. I love the crib! Congrats on getting it together! My family wouldn't let me help all together with the painting because of the fumes. The room is coming together fabulous!

  10. It looks great! I'm jealous of your mask, lol I didn't wear one when we painted. DH just made me leave the room every few minutes (even though the paint was low voc)so I felt like I was barely helping. Oh well, I'm better at delegating anyway :-P

  11. I love the mask, the room & the crib (we have it in black)!!