Friday, May 21, 2010

OMG. 25 weeks?!

First of all, thank you all so much for being so sweet in my last post where I whined & had a pity party. That was a shitty day. But, everyone has 'em! I think my husband was about to admit me into the looney bin when I went from hysterically crying & hyperventilating to laughing uncontrollably in a matter of 5 minutes. I felt like such a crazy because I could not control it for the life of me. I had NO clue why I was crying or laughing. ::shakes fists at hormones::

It feels SO bizarre that last week I did my 23 week survey not knowing I was actually 24 weeks! (my doctor told me my due date was September 3rd, rather than the 8th). So here I am, 25 weeks & counting.

Braxton hicks are still making their appearance about 5x a day or more, I can't be on my feet for longer than 45 min without my ankles swelling, the nausea is back!! & my poor belly button feels like it's going to be ripped off. But, I'm pregnant & this is all a part of the crazy ride!

Survey Time!

How far along?: 25 weeks. OMIGOD.
How big is baby?: Approx. the size of an eggplant & weighing about 1.5lbs
Weight Gain?: When I weighed this morning I was up another half pound. So, 16.5lbs. But that was before I ate my Paul Bunyan cinnamon roll, so I'm probably up another 5 lbs after eating that thing
Stretch Marks?: Not yet, even though my skin feels like it's going to break from growing so much.
Maternity Clothes?: Still pretty much just pants. Dresses & shirts are non-maternity
Sleep?: Great until I wake up from my hips throbbing.
Best moment this week?: Seeing my belly move from the outside & Receiving baby girl's bedding in the mail & setting it up in her crib! It is soooo perfect! Now we just need a mattress. Haha.
Food Cravings?: Nothing in particular. Just food.
Gender?: Sweet baby girl
Movement? OH YES. I don't think she EVER sleeps. Yesterday & today she's been using my bladder as a pillow/trampoline. No kidding. But earlier this week, I felt kicks up towards my ribs. Crazy girl.
What I miss?: Beer. My long hair (so random). My libido (I think my husband would agree, poor thing).
Belly Button?: Completely flat & stretched.
Labor Signs?: No. Just the braxton hicks. yuck
What I'm looking forward to?: Probably hitting the 3rd TRIMESTER in 3 weeks!!
Milestone?: Reaching viability last week (without me knowing) ha!

I think I've had a small growth

View from the top.
My tootisies are becoming hard to see!!


  1. I remember those pregnancy hormones, it's okay girl:)

    You look great! Love that belly!

  2. TOO CUTE!! I used to take the same "view from above" pictures!

  3. You are SO cute!! I can't wait to be pregnant again...I love it! :)

  4. You are allll baby, SO cute, I LOVE it!!!! And mmm cinnamon roll sounds good.

  5. I can't believe you are already at 25 weeks! Wow :)

  6. I've been reading your blog for a while now but I don't think I've ever commented...anyway, just wanted to say hi & you are so cute preggo! I love the "view from the top" picture!

  7. I just found your blog through someone else's. You look so great :)
    I have to admit though, I've been suffering with nausea TERRIBLY now, at 7 weeks. I was REALLY looking forward to this going away after the first trimester, haha.

  8. I have been so horrible about reading blogs lately so I'm sorry for taking so long to catch up on yours!! I would definitely say you've hit a growth spurt & holy crap... 25 weeks?! You are almost to 30 & it should come quick after that :)

  9. You are all baby and look so adorable!