Monday, March 7, 2011

In Denial

There are 2 reasons as to why I am just now posting Claire's 6 month post.

One is because I lost my stupid camera charger & haven't been able to take any pictures, so photos from my phone will just have to do.

But the main reason I haven't written this post yet is because I am living in denial.
Denial that I have a 6 month old living in this house. 
That's a half year old. That means in another 6 short months, I will have a one year old. 
Please excuse me while I inhale into a paper bag. 

I just cannot believe how quickly these 6 months passed us by. 
In a way, I feel like she was just born, yet I feel like she's been in our lives for years.
Weirdest feeling.
Enough with the sappiness.
Moving on. 

Claire has changed so much in the last month. I feel like she's so much older & has so much more personality, which I just love!

*As of her 6 mo check-up last week, she weighs 13lbs 3oz {10th%tile} 26" tall {60th%tile}. Long & lean baby girl. 

*Still in size 1 dipes. 

*0-3mo bottoms & 3-6mo tops. She's in 6 month sleepers

*Eating between 5-7oz of breast milk every 2.5-3hours. I can't wait to get her cleft repaired so that she's able to eat more without getting so tired & frustrated.

*We start our bedtime routine at 5:30 every night. She gets so fussy around 4 & refuses to nap around then, so we just put her to bed early. It's fine. She's no night owl, that's for sure. She is in bed no later than 7pm & sleeps until about 3:30-4, eats then sleeps until about 7:30.

*Her jumperoo is her absolute favorite toy. Just about 2 weeks ago, she discovered that she can actually jump in her jumperoo. It's absolutely hilarious. She thinks she's all that.

*Despises tummy time & has zero interest in trying to crawl. None. Whatsoever.

*"talks" constantly & loves to stick her tongue out while doing so. Silly babe.

* We are now napping in our crib. Hallelujah! About 2 weeks ago, I just randomly thought I would try putting her down in her crib after failed attempts of her sleeping in her swing. And? She fell right asleep. And the rest is history. {knock on wood} Granted, they are never longer than an hour, but I have a cat napper. I've come to terms with that.

*She's just learning how to sit on her own for a few seconds at a time. It's so funny because when she knows she's sitting on her own, she gets a giant grin & you can tell she's so proud of herself.

*She wants everything that mom & dad have. i.e our cell phones, remote, drink & FOOD. omg. She is just dying to get her little hands on any and all food we have. I absolutely cannot wait to start her on solids. She's beyond ready, now we just have to wait until next week when her surgery is done & over. 

I'm sure there is more that little miss is up to, but I think I've highlighted the most important things.

 I am just still in shock that I have a 6 month old. 


  1. Wow 6 months OMG!!!! and the next 6 months will surely fly by.......cherish every moment of it!

    She is too adorable though her lil leggings....I just got Sofia the same ones but in gray and yellow :)

  2. i know what you mean..i have a 14, 12, 10 , 2 and new feels like they can't all possibly be that age...

    keep us informed about the surgery!

    (i was laughing about her size) dude friend is in size 2 dipes haha

  3. I can't believe Claire is 6 months old...ummm and still in size 1 dipes! Thats so funny...she has a tiny tush. Are you going to be making Claire baby food? I thought it was so much fun to do and SO frugal and I know how much you love being frugal :).

  4. wowza she is growing up too fast!! It looks like she likes her textured pink rug in the last pic! Keep us updated on her surgery! I hope all goes well and she can eat solids soon! oh and I wanted to let you know I got some espresso from starbucks and the vanilla syrup and have been making my lattes at home and they are JUST as good! :) Yay for frugalness lol

  5. she is just so beautiful! 6 months already?

  6. she is so cute! I feel in denial about it too...seems like only yesterday she was a tiny newborn!

  7. It's bloggy award time! :)

  8. Shes the cutest little nugget ever! Love that headband