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Thursday, January 14, 2010

6 weeks!!! (and 1 day)...

Ok, so I went to the Dr. yesterday for a follow up ultrasound to make sure baby is growing well.
First the Dr. did an ultrasound on his ancient machine. The first thing he said is "the sac is definitely bigger, but I can't find the heartbeat." ::insert minor panic attack on my end:: He tells me to go into a different ultrasound room with a more up-to-date machine & as soon as the ultrasound tech placed the wand on my tummy, there was the teeniest heartbeat ever!! Going about 115bpm. Amazing. Simply Amazing. She determined by the size of the sac, that I am only 6 wks, rather than 7. BOO!! (yes, I need to change my ticker...) Oh well, at least everything is going great!

As we were ending the appointment, the Dr. says to me "See you in 2 weeks. Hopefully you're still pregnant by then. HAHAHAHA". Seriously?? He just said that to me? I'm already a panicky pg chick as it is & he's going to say something low like that?? I was in shock.

Well, moving on, I am going to start doing the famous weekly surveys. I figured 6 wks was a good time to begin. So, here we go:

*How far along?: 6 weeks

*Total weight gain: my guess would be like 2lbs of pure bloat

*How big is baby?: the size of a sweet pea. aww!!

*Maternity clothes?: Not yet.

*Stretch Marks?: Funny story. When I was getting dressed this morning, I was putting my bra on & what do I see on my boobs??? PURPLE FREAKING STRETCH MARKS! ya. besides that, none.

*Sleep?: I am exhausted, completely exhausted by 7pm but cannot seem to fall asleep. ugh.

*Best moment this week?: seeing baby's heartbeat yesterday!!

*Movement?: In my bowels? Yes. FINALLY! (tmi, sorry)

*Food cravings: nothing out of the ordinary. Chick-fil-a mainly. oops.

*Labor Signs: Hells no!

*Belly button in or out?: innie :)

*What I miss: chardonnay.

*What I'm looking forward to: My first pre-natal appt. on Feb. 2nd

*Milestone: um, making it to 6 wks??

And here my friends, is the 6 week bloat photo:
you don't need to tell me that I look really happy...


  1. You look gorgeous, even with the bloat girl!!
    I had the bloat belly really bad for about the first tri-mester if not longer. My baby bump was nothing more than tons of gas :)

    Oh and by the way SERIOUSLY, your doctor said "Hopefully your still pregnant". Wow, who wants a punch in the face. Oh I know your doctor does. RUDE!
    Sorry he said that to you. That just creates even more worry. You don't need that stress added on and neither does your sweet and tiny growing in you.

  2. Im so glad your appt went well and that you heard the heartbeat its an amazing thing. You are going to look so freaking cute pregnant I wouldnt worry about a thing. Let me know if you have any questions hehe in your pregnancy considering I have a 5 month old and twins on the way. Haha Im a freaking pro. J/K I cant beleave the dr said that

  3. Congrats on hearing the heartbeat! I just found your blog and think you're adorable.

    Question ... I don't want to pry but how attached are you to your doctor? It honestly sounds like maybe you'd be more comfortable somewhere else, ya know? I know I'd be looking around if my OB said that to me.

    Ignore me if that was out of line, of course. :)

  4. Congrats on the amazing sound of your "littles" heart beat! I remember the excitement I felt at those first appointments! BTW your Doc is an ass, not to beat around the bush! I would try and find a different one :)

  5. You ladies are too sweet! Thank you for your kind words :)

    Jenni- I have been going to this particular OB/GYN since I was 15, my mom goes to him & delivered my brother 14 years ago. I really do love him as a doctor & was quite taken a back when he said that! I don't want to make excuses for him, but maybe he was nervous? I really don't know what he was thinking! IT WAS SO RUDE OF HIM THOUGH!I just don't know what I should do.

  6. Aw! I'm so happy you heard the Bean's heartbeat! How exciting!!! And what a terrible thing for that doctor to say! As if we pregnant women aren't hormonal enough already- I cry at TV commercials, let alone thoughtless meant-to-be-funny doctor's remarks! Brush it off woman! You'll be fine!!

  7. You heard the heart beat for the first time, you posted your first (of many to come) weekly pictures & you did your 1st survery......what a great week of 1st you've had!! They are great aren't they??

  8. Ok seriously, your doctor deserved a nice swift throat punch after that comment...or at least laser beam eyes!

    And can I just say how great you look! I used to love taking weekly pictures and it's so great to be able to look back on them to see how much you've grown. Congrats on hearing your little sweatpea's heartbeat for the first time. It's amazing isn't it?

  9. Your doctor is an A hole :) And welcome to the land of boob stretchies! Seeing the heartbeat is so amazing... just wait until you get to hear it for the first time!

  10. You definitely have the right to punch your doc in the face. What a jerk!!! You would think they would be a little more sensitive to comments like that...

    I got awful stretch marks on my boobs! They got even worse after my daughter was born because my boobs got even HUGER from breastfeeding! Don't worry though, they fade away. Mine have faded a ton!!!

  11. Congratulations! I found your blog from young mamas. Im a new follower :)