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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

::sigh of relief::

After having it out with the receptionist at the doctor's office, I finally got my hcg results back from Friday. The levels are, ::drumroll please:: 973!!! YAY!! I am so relieved I can't even tell you. I really was extremely worried that my levels would have dropped after my scare last week. Now I just have to wait for February 2nd to roll around for my first doctor appointment.

Did anyone else have to wait until they were 10 WEEKS for your first appointment? I just think this is too long to wait! Why not the normal 8 weeks? Every pregnant mother is extremely anxious especially in the 1st trimester, so why does my doctor not see me until I'm nearing the end of the first trimester?? Just wondering.

Next week I will start the weekly belly pictures, because who doesn't love looking at a bloated 6 wk pregnant belly?? I am obviously not showing yet, but it sure looks like I'm about 4 months along with how bloated I am, oh well!

I'd also thought I'd add the most famous pee sticks, the earliest starting from the top. There were also 2 digitals that I took (yes I was & still am obsessed with peeing on plastic sticks) that turned off. Enjoy!


  1. Hi! I don't know you and I am creepy!!! But I just randomly discovered your blog and I added you to my reading list! I am 5 weeks and 5 days! We are so close I thought it would be fun to see how each other does! :)

  2. That is frustrating...but pretty soon you will be so sick of going to the doctors and peeing in cups that you will laugh at this post!
    What a huge relief for you! Congrats again!

  3. I understand completely about the not wanting to wait until 10 weeks for an appointment.
    But YAY! On the hcg results, that's wonderful news. Congratulations. I'm a follower now so I can keep up with your pregnancy.
    Hopefully the wait for the 10 wk appt. will go by fast.

  4. congrats!!! that is such an amazing feeling. i loved seeing the 2 pink lines and the "PREGNANT" on the digital. I think I took 10 tests total. haha!! my hubby thought I was nuts!

  5. I'm so happy everything is ok! Umm don't worry I'm pretty sure I took like 15 tests total.

  6. Congrats on your pregnancy. I know how worried you were about the test the same thing happened to me on my first pregnancy it made me so mad. I have heard of waiting 8 weeks for thr dr to see you but not 10 weeks.I think it depends on the doctors. Well congrats again.