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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today, my world became brighter

With me being the overly anxious-nervous wreck pregnant chick that I am, I called the doctor AGAIN today telling the nurse that I was still having sharp ovary pain on my right side. She suggested I came in just to put my little mind at ease, which was peachy with me!!

We went into the ultrasound room & the doctor told me "I'm still worried you might have a tubal pregnancy." ::cue the watering eyes & sweaty palms:: He did a tummy ultrasound and didn't see anything (which I kind of expected). Then came out the infamous dildo cam... as soon as he started looking, we saw what changed our lives forever: the sac and a little teeny tiny flickering heartbeat! OHMYGOODNESSGRACIOUS. We were so relieved and in shock that we saw the little life we created right before our eyes! PERFECT!!

The doctor then explained to me that he wanted to see me every week until my 1st appointment (Feb. 2nd) and continue to keep tabs on the pain in my ovary & see what the heck is going on, that's fine with me! I'm not going to argue about seeing little beanie baby every week :)

On a side-note, I have almost died 3 times today do to my extreme dizziness & nausea. HELP! Any suggestions that you former-preggies or current-preggies have that you think will help, please let me know! I have yet to actually get sick, but ohmyyyygosh! At least that's a good sign everything's going well!!

And I will leave you with our prized possession we walked away with today:
(please excuse my creepy hand, I promise it is attached to my body. Not sure how I managed to get it in the position...)


  1. Sprite and saltines, always work wonders and those preggo pops from motherhood maternity!

  2. The first time you see your little one is the best isn't it?? Congrats!!

  3. What a wonderful sight. Congrats again!!!
    I'm so glad everything looked good.

    Your crazy un-attached hand is hilarious! The picture is beautiful and the dildo wand is amazing (because of the good pictures it gives us of course).

    Also, I have pcos and I had a few big cysts on my ovaries during my pregnancy that were pretty painful. They did not cause any issues with the pregnancy though, thank goodness. They were more of a painful annoyance to me. Maybe that's what your having pain from. My doc says its really common. Anyways, I hope whatever it is its all ok. :)

  4. Wohooo! Congrats on seeing the baby! I was a nervous wreck before too! :)

  5. Congrats!!! Ultrasounds are so much fun. As far as being sick, I had it the worst!!! I couldn't eat anything, I couldn't drink anything, I ended up staying in the hospital for a while because I was becoming malnourished! If it gets bad, ask your doctor about Zofran. I swear that stuff saved my life! It is the best nausea cure ever. I also ate a lot of apples with peanut butter (fruits & proteins!) and drank sprite. Good luck and I hope you feel better!

    I have some awards waiting for you on my blog.

  6. Ah, thank you all sooooo much for the helpful advice!! You're too, too sweet!! I have been chowing on saltines all. day. long.!!
    *Meant to be a mom--I have never officially got diagnosed with PCOS, but honestly, from what you described, I think it's very possible that I may have some cysts on my ovaries. It hurts to cough, sneeze, laugh, anything! SO PAINFUL! I will be sure to talk to my Dr. about that next week. Thank you :)

    *Nicole--Thank you for the suggestions!! and also, thank, thank, thankkk you for the award :)it's so flattering ;)

  7. I had nausea well into my second trimester but only threw up like three times. It was awful. I don't really think I ever found anything that helped either... maybe eating whatever didn't make me gag!? Lol.

  8. This may sound gross but it always worked for me drink a little bit of pickle juice that always made me fill a little better also at motherhood they have these pregnancy pops that also help...

  9. congrats congrats congrats! that's what our dr's are for to ease our minds!!! Sorry I've had 4 babies and TTC#5 and don't remember feeing dizzy! just keep hydrated! as for ur hand i did crack I tried to mimic that and can't! i hope you don't mind if i follow ur journey!!!

  10. When I had experienced really bad headaches and nausea my doctor told me to take B6 vitamins and they really helped me :) Good luck!!

  11. yay congrats!!!! and i already gave you my advice with the ginger tea... i hope it works for you!!

  12. just stumbled across your blog... congrats on your new addition!! there is nothing like being a mommy:)