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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our little love story

So, since I am very bored at work today, I thought it would be fun to tell the story of how my husband & I met & a few, errr, a lot of photos; including ones from our gorgeous August 8th, 2008 wedding. I always find it fun to read on others' blogs how they got where they are today with their significant others. Hope you enjoy! & I'm sorry if you find this boring... that would suck.

My husband & I met when we were 14. At freshman high school orientation. We had no interest in each other though, in fact; at that time me & all of my friends were crazy for Mrs F's hubbs. Isn't that hilarious?!

Anyway, around Christmas of '02, I was told that Dallas Davis had a crush on me. What?! The playboy who's an attention whore?! (sorry honey, you know you were) Well of course since he was interested in me now, I was too! DUH! I still wonder to this day why he was interested in a scrawny, very pale, lanky, 90lb girl. He claims it's because I looked like Avril Lavigne (HA!)...

So, Valentine's '03 rolled around & we went to the dance together. & with the exception of some dramatic break-ups (on his part), and some major game playing in the early days (on his part, again); we were just the stereo-typical high school football-player-cheerleader-couple.

So, we dated all through high school, got engaged at 19; married at 20 & will be parents at 22.

I'd say all that drama in our younger years was totally worth it. But I would never go back :)

Now, for your entertainment, some pictures

Homecoming sophomore year
we were 15, babies!
Christmas '03

Our families took us on a cruise in '05!

high school graduation
high school days...

hubbs played football at the
University of Utah for a year
engagement photos in Park City

some of my bridals...

my sister (maid of honor) making her speech
me & my gorgeous bridesmaids
rockin' out to the YMCA

arriving at the venue with my bridesmaids!
my brother, sister & I

me & my sweet grandpa

our first dance
hubbs with his sisters
dancing with his mom

daddy/daughter dance
cutting our gorgeous cake

the girls
the boys

exchanging of vows


  1. your wedding photos are absolutely stunning!!

  2. Oh my gosh you guys are too cute for words. My hubby and I met at 15 and were married at 20 also. How funny. Seriously you and I could be best of friends girl.

    I love all your pics. You were a beautiful bride, you make a super cute couple.

  3. Wow. You look absolutely stunning. Gorgeous hair and dress!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I will be adding you to mine!

  4. This is adorable, I might have to steal the idea some day :) Love the pictures, you were a beautiful bride!

  5. Your pictures are AMAZING & you made a very stunning bride!! I love that you guys are high school sweethearts now living your lives as husband & wife & soon to be parents; thank you for sharing your story.

  6. Super cute story! Also, you were a GORGEOUS bride.

    I always thought it would be kind of fun to marry a guy I'd known that long and who had the same kind of history as I did. You guys are too cute!

  7. Wow ur wedding pictures were gorgeous how are you feeling..

  8. Thank you for the sweet comment. I was looking at your blog the other day too. I am so happy for you. If you need any advice just ask. Plus I love your wedding photos. They are beautiful.

  9. Wow! you are beautiful, your bridals and wedding photos gorgeous and your love story to die for! i always thought that's exactly how my life would've turned out... but no, it happened much later for me. thanks for sharing your beautiful story!

  10. Thank you all!! You are too sweet!!