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Thursday, January 21, 2010

7 weeks!!

Ok, so technically I was 7 weeks yesterday but didn't get a chance to make a post! Everything is going really well still. I'm just feeling nauseous, tired & hungry ALL. THE. TIME. Which is to be expected of course! I'm still getting that extremely sharp pain in my right side which freaks me out so bad! Especially since the Dr. cannot find anything that is causing the pain. Oh well, I go in for another ultrasound on Monday; so we will see then!!

Annnnd is it totally bad that I found the crib I want?? I do admit, I'm crazy; but it's SO cute!

Here's a pic for those interested:Now for the survey:

How far along?- 7 weeks.

Total weight gain?- well between Mickey D's & Chick-fil-a, I'd say 3lbs ::gasp::

How big is baby?- A little blueberry. My blueberry!

Maternity Clothes?- Not yet, but I'm seriously considering buying a bella band. This rubber-band trick just ain't cuttin' it anymore...

Sleep?- The couch & my bed are my best friends lately. No, seriously.

Best moment this week?- good question...HA!

Movement?- gas counts, right?? ;)

Food cravings?-really the only thing I have been able to stomach this week is greasy foods. I know that's so bad. But it's my cure to "morning" sickness

Labor signs?- That would be a NO

Belly button?- innie!

What I miss?- My good friends chardonnay & iced lattes

What I'm looking forward to- Seeing my blueberry on Monday!

Milestone- Another week down!

7 wk picture
see all that bloat??!
I just want a baby bump already!


  1. Adorable picture! Good luck on Monday, I am sure it will be a great u/s appt.

  2. alright momma, share the crib! it's SO overwhelming! you know? like, when you were registering for your wedding, nobody cared how "safe" your crockpot was, or if your china had ever been recalled.. but a crib?? I don't even know where to start!!! good luck at your US on Monday!! I can't wait for mine on Tuesday!! It's basically what I think about every day, inbetween appointments, to get me to the next appt!! the days go by SO slow!! :)

  3. The dreaded wait for the baby bump seems like forever. Don't worry it will get here soon enough. You look great.

    I can't believe your already 7 weeks along. Your almost two months prego!!!

    Can't wait to hear about your appointment.
    Oh and btw I had pains in my side also when I was prego. They ended up chalking it up to my uterus stretching and me having an ovarian cyst. Hopefully that's all yours is?

  4. Oh and one more thing. Hah you found the crib. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Post a pic if you can find one on line. I had allot of things picked out, we just didn't buy until later.

  5. I think that is the crib we have.......what is it called??

    Believe me your bump is coming; you will look in the mirror one day & there it will be in all it's glory :)

  6. I had baby names, a crib, and nursery decor all picked out before I was even pregnant so I dont think your crazy at all! You look so cute!

  7. You look great! :) Don't worry about your baby bump not showing yet. It will get here soon enough and then by the time you get to your last month and even your maternity shirts don't cover your belly all the way, you'll wonder why you wanted to be so big in the first place. HA!

  8. agrees w/my bff taylor! i'm doing that again for baby #5...we're ttc and i can't wait....again!