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Monday, January 18, 2010

Annnnd cue the pregnancy hormones...

This was a real life convo that took place between hubbs & I yesterday afternoon

Me: (RAWRRRR), will you Google how to clean grout, I'm gettin' pissed with all this dirt! (on my hands and knees, scrubbing the tile with a swiffer cloth, yelling to hubbs upstairs)

Hubbs: Uh.. ya...

Me: (...5 minutes later) WELL!!!!... DID YOU FIND ANYTHING?!?!

Hubbs: Ya, all it says is some elbow grease, a toothbrush & bleach.

Me: (where can I get elbow grease???) Ok, well do you have an old toothbrush I can use?

Hubbs: I think there's one in the garage

Me: Well, get it for me

Hubbs: No. You're NOT getting on your hands & knees & cleaning every square inch of the tile

Me: YESIAM!!!!!!!


Just for the record, I never ended up cleaning my floor with a toothbrush, but I WILL! It just goes to show that these hormones aren't going away anytime soon.

Hubbs still loves me & that's all that matters. I'm carrying his child damn it!


  1. lol! I totally understand how you feel, I hate bathroom floors, I am so close to using a toothbrush sometimes! I am glad he still loves you, and why wouldn't he :)

  2. I am the toothbrush using, grout cleaning kind of girl...I try and do it once a month or so!

  3. Just tell your hubbs to be happy you're not standing on top of the counter in order to clean the top of the fridge LOL ;)

  4. Following your blog after reading Mrs.F's...I, too, am a freak over cleaning. During pregnancy, my house was SPOTLESS. It will only get worse as you get closer to your due date!

  5. hahaaa lol, So funny! I'm with you girl. I get it completely. Mine are still hanging around even after having the baby. I hope you hubby is one understanding man because they will stick around for a while.
    I can totally see this whole conversation happening between my hubby and I. Too funny :)

  6. you'll do it before your little one gets here for sure if you are already on the clean kick :)