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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

8 weeks!

Well, I'm inching along in this pregnancy & have hit the 8 week mark today (or I did on monday from the doc's measurements)! Things are going very well. I am nauseous all day, everyday & not a whole lot alleviates it. My Preggie Pop Drops & saltines are my friends these days. The nausea really hits me bad in the evening. Especially last night. I was moaning on the couch for about 3 hours. Poor me :) At least I know little babe is healthy in there!

Now for the survey:

How far along?- 8 weeks

Total weight gain?- I am terrified to find out on Tuesday what the verdict is. I feel enormous from all this bloat

How big is baby?- a raspberry!!

Stretch Marks?- None yet. The ones on my boobs decided to disappear...

Maternity Clothes?- I've been looking at some jeans online & am going to get the Bella Band this weekend.

Sleep?- I live on the couch when I get off work. Sleep in general is ok. I pee every 3 hours.

Best Moment this week?- Seeing my sweet baby on that ultrasound machine

Movement?- No movement, but little tugs down in my ute

Food cravings?- This week it has been salad & omelets. uh... haha
Belly Button?- Innie for now

What I miss?- You should know by now that I miss chardonnay!! And lunch meat.

What I'm looking forward to- My first official prenatal appointment on Tuesday!!

Milestone- Another week down of course :)

And here is the 8 week bloat in all of its glory
however, I have noticed my lower tummy getting harder


  1. try sea bands (you can find them at walgreens/walmart/target/cvs etc) i suffer from vertigo (everyday) and had bad while preg w/all 4! it really did help about 80% of it. I'm actually wearing them now too! :o)

  2. I wish I had a good suggestion/advice with the morning sickness. I had it a bit with this baby but it was only the first few weeks. I did think I was going to die though... Now I wish someone had told me about the sea bands:)

  3. Good luck with the m/s, it stinks! I had it bad with my daughter and not at all with my son. I got it at night and I was never ever able to keep my dinner down. Love the "bloat" pic!

  4. The bella bend worked alright but I prefered a b-buckle (my pants felt more secure) is the link & I think you can get them at babies r us!!

  5. I loved the bella band. You may even use it right after your little one is born.
    Sorry to hear your naseau is so bad. That should go away. Hopefully.

    Love the baby bump, so much fun.

  6. ditto the seabands!! i completely forgot about those and yes, they worked! mine were tight as hell, maybe it diverted my attention from the nausea to the wrist pain, lol.

  7. it should so be called all day sickness! you are a gorgeous pregnant mama!

  8. you loook great! dont worry about the weight. it is for a good cause and you can get it off when the baby comes. I stressed out every week, but at the end of the day, your body gains the weight it needs and it's not a big deal (I gained 60 lbs w/ my first! yikes).

  9. Did you ever try the ginger tea?? It really helps!! At least it did for me. I know exactly how you feel... hopefully it goes away after you're out of the 1st tri! Love you :)

  10. it really did help about 80% of it. I'm actually wearing them now too

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  11. ok, I am going to get the seabands today!! and heid, I attempted to make the ginger tea but I gagged when I tried to drink it. what the hell is my deal?? haha!!!

  12. you look AMAZING!

    I'm not pregnant, but because of various health issues I've had my fair share of nausea. Ginger is GREAT! Even gingersnaps with candied ginger in them (Trader Joe's has really, really delicious ones) or straight candied ginger (See's has a chocolate-covered version ... though I don't know how much chocolate would help) are great.

  13. How exciting for you! Congrats! I will follow your journey into motherhood!